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Building is only half the battle.
We can also help on the selling and acquisition side!

Real Estate 

  • Representing buyers and sellers in:

    • Sale of residential & commercial properties

    • Wholesale opportunities 

    • Pre-purchase property analysis for development and projected incomes, marketing, and funding.

  • Pre-development consulting for:

    • Residential construction

    • Multi-family homes

    • ADU projects

    • Commercial development

  • Assisting owners and investors in developing:

    • Project plans

    • Budgets

    • Construction plans for submittal

    • Permitting

    • Development

    • Project funding

“Real estate is like Jack and the Beanstalk’s goose that lays golden eggs. It’s something that pays you month after month, whether you are working or not.”

~Kathy Fettke

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